Picture of our team

Our Principles

Best consulting for our clients

On the client's project we put our main focus. In our structural dynamic projects we find a great diversity of problems - so our solutions are never duplications but individual concepts. Starting from an explicit question or formulation of problems we take measurements and calculate with specific terms and conditions for a suitable solution. Therefore, a close coordination with the client is essential. Based on our wide experience we develop optimised and efficient dynamic concepts.

High Quality Standards

For our clients we achieve maximum performance for best quality. We accurately comply with the high standards of our certified quality assurance system. Our sensitive measuring equipment is maintained internally and as a result is constantly 100% available to use. By calibrating our sensors ourselves we bring them up to higher precision level than requested according to DIN. Calculation results are usually brought up for discussion with the team and all reports are compulsory reviewed according to the dual control principle. The staff is trained continously internally and externally. Prof. Dr. Heiland is a publicly appointed and sworn expert and all our experts aspire to comparable qualifications.


Clients can completely rely on our services. Any misunderstandings which might arise will be corrected immediately. We are prompt and worldwide at our clients' disposal.


Our clients are right to expect our loyality and honesty. With sincerity we make our statements, write our reports, assess dynamic problems and all related business.


We are economically independent of producers' interests. We thereby are able to provide impartial and unbiased consulting.


Internal research and development are a solid basis for our work. It's our ambitious aim to present constantly new analysis methods and innovative solutions in order to optimise vibration control concepts. This is clearly demonstrated by our individual and patented engineering solutions as well as our research projects in cooperation with industry and universities. Methods of measurement and analysis are highly sophisticated and we are continously refining them. We are also very involved in developing standards and guidelines in several committees. Our focus on innovation is essential for being technologically in a leading position.


Our behaviour at work within the team as well as with clients shall be characterised by consideration, respect and politeness. We act responsible in all respects.