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Vibrations from Construction Sites

Construction sites are busy places. Site operations using plants, machinery and other equipment can cause vibrations. Heavy machinery like pile hammers, vibratory pile drivers, vibrating compactors as well as explosions and demolitions produce a high level of unwanted vibrations. These are transmitted by the soil to the surrounding buildings, where they possibly affect the living or working comfort, or even damage the structure.

Picture of a pile driver Picture of an excavator Picture of a tower crane

In both cases, actual vibration levels must not exceed the reference values defined in the standard DIN 4150 (german standard for structural vibrations).
Vibration measurements help both the client to avoid being sued for damages and the offended party to avoid being damaged. Our independent evaluation of occuring vibrations during site operations help both parties to minimise expenses or losses thereby incurred.

We offer:

Based on measured data during test operations we calculate vibration levels and set protection zones if necessary.

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