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Excitation Systems

For inducing vibration and shocks to the subsoil we use different machinery and equipment:


Butterfly® is a servohydraulic shaker for artificial excitation and is developed in-house. The shaker was made for worldwide mobile application.

Butterfly® on site

Typical fields of application are:

Vertical and horizontal vibrations can both be simulated by simple setup modification.
Specially developed for shaking structures with low frequencies, Butterfly® shows high performance in an extraordinary frequency range of 0,01-110 Hz. The shaker moves its mass elements (weight: 200-800 kg) with a maximum force amplitude up to 20 kN. Every load sweep is driven by a high sophisticated sensor system.


Dynpact® gives a puls excitation, is flexible in application and has delivered an optimal performance in practice. Parallel measurement of force and resulting vibrations on the surface or in a bore hole (up to a depth of 25 m) allow a high variety of simulation tests for dynamic loads. The adjustable weight of hammer (10-75 kg) falling from a maximum height of 1,0 m gives an impact energy of 100-750 J.

Typical fields of application are:

Impact Hammer

The lightweight Impact Hammer (2,5 kg) is ubiquitous applied for detecting natural frequencies and frequency dependent stiffness of a structure. It is field-tested and frequently used on building sites as well as for dynamic tests in cleanrooms.

Elektrodynamic Shaker

The small but robust electrodynamic shaker produces an exact controlled harmonic excitation on a surface. It is also excellent suitable for testing measurement equipment and for precise calibration.

All at a glance:

BUTTERFLY® DYNPACT® Impact hammer Electrodynamic Shaker