Foto einer Messung im Außenbereich

Measurements of low-frequency magnetic fields

The proper function of modern electronic beam devices (microscopes, e-beams etc.) isn't influenced only by mechanical vibrations, temperature fluctuations, air currents or sound. Time-dependent magnetic fields also disturb their operation enormously. Those magnetic fields can be originated by many sources like railway tracks, tramways, road traffic or machines.

The task of reducting existing low-frequency magnetic fields to protect sensitive devices is very important from the beginning of the building planning. For this purpose, measurements of the magnetic fields are performed at the intended installation place of the device. These measurement data allow to determine the suitability of a specific location as installation site. Furthermore, it's possible to calculate magnetic field intensities and/or take into account different protective or shielding measures.

We perform magnetic field measurements in the low-frequency range (DC to 1 kHz) as well as prognostic calculations and producer-independent evaluation of shielding and protective measures.

Picture taken during a magnetic field measurement