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Our monitoring refers to a computer aided surveillance method for structures. While monitoring static (that is slow moving) processes of changing temperature or strain is generally applied, monitoring dynamical effects has become a practicable method in recent years with increasing processing power.

The monitoring shows the current status of the structure and its dynamic properties. We offer monitoring services for the following processes or quantities:

All monitoring instruments are equipped with audio or visual alarm annunciator and automatic e-mail or text messaging.

We use the following both types of monitoring devices:

Our portable devices can be used with high flexibility due to their robustness and compact size. They are able to perform measurements with up to 8 channels simultaneously. We use them succesfully for measurements with a duration of some hours up to several months.

Picture of a monitoring device with geophone

Sometimes, special purposes or circumstances require customer-tailored solutions. Often, the synchronous supervision of numerous measurement points located at long distances is needed, and the monitoring has to be performed over a long period of time. Then, we use permanent devices which are specifically designed for the project. We attach importance to a diligent installation in order that they can fulfill reliably their long-term monitoring task without disturbing the customer's production or research.

Picture of a customer-tailored monitoring device

Our monitoring is very effective in surveilling vibrations due to construction sites.