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Low-Vibration Stands

Highly sensitive devices are often installed on a stand to provide a low-vibration foundation for an optimal performance. A vibration-free placement is technically not possible because of the basic vibration in subsoil existing everywhere in the world. However, in most cases this subsoil vibration is very low and doesn't disturb a production process.
The question is therefore: how to transfer these relative quietness of the subsoil to the level of the tool footprint?

Picture of a stand under construction

If the tool is to be installed on a waffle slab, the dynamic properties of the structure as well as the available space should be utilised in an optimal way. Our long-term experience with stands of all kinds has taught us the importance of the careful planning of the stand as the link between a tool and the ground. We are glad to offer support on preliminary investigation, stand design and dynamic simulation as well as final vibration measurements. As a result, you get an individually matched tool foundation according to your requirements.

Considerable advantages are:

Construction of a stand Placement of a stand QA measurement of a stand Stand under a tool

Use our wide experience in stand designing to your advantage.
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