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We have many years of experience in the field of structural dynamics.
Our depth of knowledge and our incisive analysis enables us to provide consulting services as well as expert evidence. Because expert evidence must be independent, objective and unbiased, there is a special qualification for expert witnesses in Germany called "Publicly Appointed and Sworn Expert". Prof. Dr. Heiland has gained this qualification and acts as an Expert Witness for private and corporate clients. Foto des Gutachter-Stempels von Dr.Heiland

Our expertise is requested in various cases:

Preserving the Evidence:
We investigate the damage and collect measuring data from vibration and shock testing for our documentation and evaluation.
Acceptance Control:
Based on measurements we approve the state of serviceability of a structure.
Immission Evaluation:
We locate the source of vibrations, document the measured vibration level and evaluate the immissions based on limit values according to general technical sprecifications like DIN or VDI.
We are often asked to assess future vibration levels for new construction. We prognosticate immissions, compile a report and design vibration control for the new building.
Expert Evidence:
We give testimony to the courts for all questions that may arise from a dynamical problem. We present our expert opinion correct in detail but intelligible for all, and formulate accurately our analysis to the court.